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Allsexyvids - Lexi Lockhart Sleep With Brother Ass To Mouth Be Yond The Pubs 1

Allsexyvids – Lexi Lockhart Sleep With Brother Ass To Mouth Be Yond The Pubs

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Allsexyvids - Lexi Lockhart Sleep With Brother Ass To Mouth Be Yond The Pubs 2

Allsexyvids – Lexi Lockhart Sleep With Brother Ass To Mouth Be Yond The Pubs

I was a little angry yet saddened when they told you how they had used you, Made you fall in love with them for a cruel joke, You dumped me for this other person even though they were married with a kid on the way even though at the time you never knew that, They were just someone who managed to treat you better than I could have in my wildest dreams, They treat you like a queen while I could only treat you as a princess, That all changed though when they hurt you, I guess it hurt me a lot more knowing you finally got to feel the pain I felt every moment I was without you, I am truly sorry for the pain you did feel, You know aswell as I that if I could of taken the pain I would have, I would have taken every little bad feeling you had and added them to all the pain I had to feel, Still do feel, I would of let you live a life without pain or fear if only I knew how, I would suffer every bad moment in life if it meant you could spend a lifetime of happiness, I know I did manage to do one thing, Not sure how but I did it, I took those nightmares you suffered and made sure that you slept peacefully everynight at the cost of me not only suffering nightmares at night but suffering them through the day aswell, Yeah I somehow got it so you didn't suffer while I had to suffer twice as much as normal, Sounds strange but I will admit it was worth it, Whatever happened that night I am glad it happened, Sure i suffer a lot but I know that you don't anymore, I just want to say that through all the good and the bad times we shared I would never change a single one, I mean I love you more and more with each passing heartbeat, You was my world, My life, My heartbeat, You was my oxygen, I never thought I would be able to live without you but I seem to be doing it, Not a very good life I will admit that but I am managing to pass the days, I want you to know one last thing, I know you will never read this but I do love you, I have from the very first words we spoke to each other, I never knew what you looked like to begin with but that never mattered because to me you was and always will be the most beautiful girl to ever walk this earth, I mean yeah you still do walk this earth but I mean that past, present and even in the future there will never be a girl that can even come close to how beautiful you are, Anyways this has dragged on a little too long, Just want to say I love you, I still care about you deeply and I truly and honestly miss you with all the little pieces of my broken heart, You will always be the only girl that could ever fix the damage but I know you never will, Oh well I would rather live with a broken heart and say I felt true love than have a whole heart and say I never knew what love was, So I guess this is goodbye, Wish I could see your smile one last time, See those beautiful blue eyes or just hear your angelic voice but I know I never will so I will just have to survive with the memories of you, Love you so much, Always will till the end of time, Goodbye my sweet princess, I hope your life is filled with all the things you truly deserve, Peace, Happiness and even love, Click here.

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