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FAPADOO.com - Full Version September Reign agreed to have sex with Boy is very Sensational 1

FAPADOO.com – Full Version September Reign agreed to have sex with Boy is very Sensational

She paddled slowly across the large pool and slid silently next to a beautiful Japanese girl and introduced herself, “Hello, my name's Delilah, but everyone calls me Dee, I'm pretty new here, and just wondered if you could tell me exactly where we are!?!” The pretty young Asian turned to her and with incredibly sad eyes replied softly, “I'm not sure of the country, but I think we're in the Middle East, and by the way, my name is Midori, it's nice to meet you!” “Why are we here,” Dee asked urgently, “the last thing that I remember was walking down a bazaar in Lagos, and then nothing, until I woke up in a little room with no windows, I don't even know what day it is, and why is everyone naked, where are our clothes!?!” Midori put her arm around the shoulder of the young American and said, “It's a long story, but I guess we both have the time!!! “I've been here about two years now,” the young woman related, “I was taken right off of a street in Paris where I was vacationing with some college chums from back home, it was the same for me as it was for you, all at once you are here and don't remember anything about it!!!” “Why is everyone naked,” Dee asked again!?! “I'll get to that in a moment,” Midori replied, “but the why we are here is the most important thing, and it begins with the fact that we are young and pretty, and not of Middle Eastern descent!!!” “Why would anyone care about that,” Dee asked softly?!? “Because men of the Middle East favor western women as their concubines,” she went on, “and while some of us may well perform those duties willingly, it is easier for someone of great means to just take us and keep us as his own!!!” “Y-you mean were sex slaves,” Dee replied in an unsteady voice, “my god, this is almost the twenty first century, they can't do that to us!!!” “I know it is hard to comprehend,” she continued, “but no one knows where we are and would have no idea where to start looking, so we try to make the best of it!!!” “I'll kill myself before I let someone rape me,” Dee said defiantly, “if they want to do me when I'm dead, well then be my guest!!!” The young Asian shook her head from side to side and exclaimed, “I felt the same as you when I first arrived here, but they put things in your food and give you shots to make you not care anymore,” and then with her head hung low she whispered, “and to make sure that you are always sexually aroused and ready to perform at a moments notice!!!”

Dee stared at Midori as that last sentence sunk in and asked softly, “You mean they can force you to WANT to do their bidding!?!” “I-I'm afraid so,” she stumbled, “it is hopeless to resist and in time you will see that this is true!!!” “Okay,” Dee replied, “who is doing this to us and for Pete's sake tell me why everyone is naked!?!” “As to who,” she answered quickly, “all we know is that he is an Arab prince and goes by the name of Aziz, and why we are all naked, from my first day they took away my clothing and I have been naked ever since, the prince requires all of his “subjects” be ready at any time!!!” “How often do you, you know,” Dee asked softly, “have to do it with him!?!” “It varies,” she replied, “we are a large group, about eighty females, so maybe once a month he will call, but usually it is for two or three of us at a time!!!” “It must be terrible,” Dee said incredulously, “how do you stand it, I mean letting him touch you and having you!?!” Midori looked Dee right in the eye and replied softly, “I am sorry, my new friend, but I do not detest it in any way, and hope that each day it is my turn, so that my fire can be quenched for at least a little while!!!” Before Dee could respond, Midori asked, “Have you ever made love to a woman?!?” “Oh, no,” Dee replied quickly, never had and never will!!!” “Look around you,” Midori said with a nod, “most of these women were just like you, and now look at them, Dee, there are at least four couples making love right out here in the open and at least five times that back in our dormitory!!!” Dee surveyed the rest of the pool area, unbelievably Midori was right, there on the edge of the pool were groups of women intertwined and doing the most intimate of sexual acts two people of the same sex could do to each other!!! “W-why do they do it,” Dee asked with a bit of desperation in her voice, “they seem to really be enjoying it!?!” “But of course they are,” Midori replied, “they cannot help themselves, between the drugs and long periods of time between meetings with the prince, it is the only rational way to relieve their sexual tensions, but if you have a better plan, I'd like to hear it!!!”

After watching the other members of the harem making love for the next fifteen minutes or so, Midori carefully broached the subject by asking, “I want you to know, that what I am about to ask is probably an anathema to you, but it might as well be now and it might as well be me, so Dee, I feel that we are if not friends, then at least we are comrades in arms, and since in just a matter of days someone will take you willingly or not, I would be honored to be your first!!!” Dee turned and faced the pretty olive skinned beauty, but before she could reply, Midori kissed her softly on the lips and whispered, “I know it is forward of me, but if you feel that you like me, we could be partners in love and everything else that goes on in here!!!” The warm water wafted over them as the young Japanese girl kissed her again, but this time Dee returned it in kind, and soon, for the first time in her life, she felt another woman's breasts pressing nakedly against her own, and incredibly, she was becoming more turned on than she ever could remember!!!

“I've never done anything like this before,” Dee whispered hoarsely into Midori's ear, “what do we do next!?!” Midori giggled a little and said, “See those two over there, I would like to do that to you!!!” Dee looked over to the other side of the pool and saw a large breasted brunette getting her pussy sucked by a short haired blonde with a perfect body!!! “Oh my,” Dee breathed, “do you think we should, in front of all these people!?!” “Honey,” Midori said softly, “it'll be now, tomorrow, or a week from now, so why don't you sit on the edge, and spread your legs for me, okay?!?” A shiver ran through her when the cool air his her wet skin as she hopped up on to the pool apron and let her legs hang back into the water where the cute little Asian was waiting anxiously for her to offer up her dark haired muffy!!! “Ohhhhhhh dear,” Dee moaned when Midori's warm tongue slithered easily into her furnace hot pussy, “oh yes, please do me!!!” While Midori happily sucked on her drooling snatch, another woman, a red head paddled over and casually asked, “Where you from honey!?!” “The U, S https://xnxxx.life/2021/brazzers-in-the-town-squar….

FAPADOO.com - Full Version September Reign agreed to have sex with Boy is very Sensational 2

FAPADOO.com – Full Version September Reign agreed to have sex with Boy is very Sensational

When I had gotten her skirt up and her panties off and had somehow been able to maneuver my way down in between her soft young thigh's and had begun sucking on the most tender and juicy sweet pussy that one could ever imagine, it was one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable things that I have ever done and she too, had really responded, xnxxx.life. She was so ashamed, and thought that she was a terrible person for having these thoughts and that she was not normal? I assured her that this was not the case and that other women as well as men had these as well as even more devilish thoughts and that most people especially women were afraid to share them with anyone, even there spouses

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