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i decided its best to just let her do it i slowly ran my hands over the length of her body and stoped at her little slit she was moist when i started to rub her slit slowly she slid up and sat her cunt on my face and i started eating her out this was the first time i ever tasted pussy and definatly not the last she had shaved thats what took her so long in her bath i grabed at my pants trying to find my condom but she stoped me and said she said “we dont need it ive been on the pill for 2 years
“why so young”
“Does it matter”she had me hooked
she slowly went dont and slowly licked my cock from the head all the way to my balls as she slowed i stood up layed her on her back and got into position i slowly went in only about an inch and came back out then i want in again this time just touching her maidhein “the next time i go in im gonna break it, it will hurt a bit last chance” I told her lightly she came back with
“please just do it it feels so good!”
with that i mounted and pushed in quickly and broke it when i did she moved i could tell it hurt but i continued on after a few minutes we changed into doggy style she said it was her favorite position and almost imedeantly i started to feel the orgasm come on i told her “im gonna cum”
she looked me in the eye pulled me in and kissed me it felt like no other i cam instanly she loved the feeling of my hot cum in her tight little pussy and started to moan when she started moaning my semi hard cock got rock hard again a girl had never done this to me i was hard in seconds from cumming she looked at me in astanishment and said
“how did you get hard so quick my uncle could never do this”
“i dont know i geuss your special” i put her back onto the bed and started pounding that little hole so hard that my balls started to hurt she started to moan harder then i felt it she started constricting my cock like a boa and then i felt her juices squirt down my rod i started to cum and she maoned louder and louder until she just went almost limp she was in such an estacy that she went limp and continued to fuck i pulled my dick out and she put me on my back once again getting me hard and started humping me with all her force as she was humping i squezzed her beautiful tits not long after starting i was cumming i burst like a firework in her tiny little cunt after that she kissed me with my cock still in her we fell asleep
when i woke up i was greeted by my cock still in miriam i had always wanted to fuck a sleeping girl i slowly reached around and grabed one of her beautiful tits and lightly squezzed as i did i felt my cock get hard the i remembered im half off the bed i stand up and slowly insert my rod into miriams tight little hole i could feel my cum still in there form the other night just as i slowly inserted i felt something sniffing my ass i remebered Miriam had a german shepherd as he sniffed my ass he licked it and then tried to mount me but i put a stop to that but thought about it and woke miriam and told her my idea
“Miriam wake up”i say as i lightly rub her arm as i did she awoke and saw my cock and said
“good morning”
i replied with “i have an idea and i think you will like it”
“Well what is it”
“well i was just having a little fun with you and the dog came up behind me and tryed to fuck me”
“are you saying you want me to fuck the dog!”
“well if your up for it i think it would be hot as hell if you did it”
“just let me go do something” she walked away and came back with a small bottle of lube from her moms room
“I just want to put it in my ass just incase he gets the wrong whole like with my mom”
“your mom?”
“yeah she fucks the dog and if he gets the wrong whole i eat my mom out”
“well thats what ill do””come on bruce”
“do you think it will hurt”
“not as bad as lastnight”
the dog came in and saw her on the floor he imedeantly went and mounted he found his hole luckly not her virgin ass that was my next whole as he slowly stuck it into her he started to hump at first his penis was only 4 inches or so and supper thin but as he began to stick it deeper it reached about 8 inches and he huge gursh as he was fucking her i had my dick in her mouth she sucked it amazingly as the dog fucked her i could tell he was hitting her cervix and now at roughly 10 inches his knot was coming in and as he slamed it in the tied and got enourmous and then within 10 sec he realesed a huge wad causing Miriam to fall in sexual delight but as she did she noticed she was stuck with the dog his knot was bigger than my fist and held her tight she started to hump withch excited the dog enought to make him hump her for about 15 more minutes as he did he came again but this time his knot swelled up huge stretching her pussy like a ballon i went down and started licking her pussy you could see the bulge of his knot i licked her stomach where it was and he blew another load this time so deep miriam felt it in her stomach but then we herd the door open and herd im home Miriam looked at me and said “its my sister”
i looked back “you have a sister”
“yeah shes only 11 tho”
i got dressed and walked out to greet her she wanted to know where Miriam was i said she was sleeping she didnt buy and she opened the door to find her sister getting fucked by the dog Puba – Watery Pussy Girl.
Once we were in my car Miriam asked me why i offered her a ride i answered “Miriam your 13 and its night and you live 5 miles away why would i alow you to walk home”
Miriam replied “well i did it before besides im sure you want to go out and have fun its a friday night”
she had me there i did have a date with another girl from my school known to be a bit of a slut but this little girl needed the help besides i had 2 hours to go home shower and pick her up
i told her”i got all the time in the world to help someone and sweet as you” she blushed when i said that and got very quite i was thinking to my self damn it why did i say that but after that short silence she said “Do you ever think of me as more than a friend”
I thought to my self well not until tonight but i couldnt say that i told her”why do you wonder”
She replied”well back in Tae-Kwon-Do i noticed you looking at me differently” then i remebered my erection and realized my buddy was coming back
I noticed the light ahead was yellow and slowed down she looked at me expecting an answer i had no clue what to tell her i just wanted to scream yes but i decided that wouldnt work to well “well every guy has fellings for girls its just natural why are you so courious of this”
she went almost stiff when i asked she knew what i was doing “just wondering”
with a smile i said “curiosity killed the cat”
she looked at me and pushed me “shut up i got no straight answer from you so im not giving you one” just then she realized i had a hard on i tried to somewhat hide it with no luck i decided shes felt it she will probably understand
Young Libertines - [720p Full Hd] Thevelvetbunny doing Howling Very Hot with Devdasi is very Happy Want To Shame At The Outdoors 1

Young Libertines – [720p Full Hd] Thevelvetbunny doing Howling Very Hot with Devdasi is very Happy Want To Shame At The Outdoors

Sara had thought immediately to her displeasure, that time had run out again, Each of her thighs were pushed, pressed and squeezed upwards getting closer and closer to her flower….

Young Libertines - [720p Full Hd] Thevelvetbunny doing Howling Very Hot with Devdasi is very Happy Want To Shame At The Outdoors 2

Young Libertines – [720p Full Hd] Thevelvetbunny doing Howling Very Hot with Devdasi is very Happy Want To Shame At The Outdoors

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